You & My Camera

If you’re like most people, you probably feel uncomfortable in front of a camera. You probably would rather not have your picture taken. You’re not sure how to stand, where to look, what to do with your hands.

You probably have a mental catalogue of photos of yourself that you hate. Your eyes were closed in this one. You made a weird face in that one. You look….awkward. And this makes you feel awkward anytime you’re in front of the camera again.

Well, it’s our job as photographers to make you feel less awkward. But after photographing hundreds of people this past year, there’s something else you need to know….

You’re not awkward. Far from it. You’re actually quite beautiful.

I’m sorry, but you really do have to accept this. I’m a professional. I look at people and take their picture day after day, week after week. All types of people. And I’ve never taken a picture of an ugly person.

The best thing about being a photographer? I fall in love with people. Over and over and over again. I love what I see. I love you for your awkwardness, because I feel that way, too. I love you for your courage to show yourself to me. To let go of the posing and the fake smiling and just be. I love how you love your girlfriend, your husband, your children, your dog. I love the way you push your glasses up or fiddle with your watch.

I have to earn your trust. I need you to trust that I will take a picture of you that you like. I need you to be ok with feeling awkward, and to trust that with each click of the shutter some of that awkwardness will slip away. I need you to believe that I am not judging you based on every image that appears on my camera screen.

So I’m telling you right now…. you are awesome and beautiful and perfect however you are. It’s MY job to take a photo of you that shows that. You just have to be.

Posted by Leah

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