Mallory + Peter | Wedding Preview

Being a wedding photographer means getting invited to the best parties to do the thing that you love the most: photograph. I could not ask for a better job.

This wedding, that of Mallory & Peter, marks my first roadtrip wedding. Alumni Intern Niki, second shooter Nick, and I all got to spend the evening in Macon, GA, to shoot a wedding in The Hay House: two places I had never been before. In case you don’t know, the Hay House is a beautiful, beautiful historic house with a handful of Southern moxy and is a photographer’s playground.

This wedding also marks the first post-internship wedding of the year, and I was aching to get back out there. And I was not disappointed.

Mallory & Peter’s wedding was awesome, and I don’t just mean because of the bluegrass band that played the reception, or because my bride was more than willing to do everything we asked her to {including climbing into an antique bathtub}, or even because I got to shoot with two other awesome photographers. It was awesome because of how it felt.

I had so much confidence with this wedding. I knew I was getting the shots I was going for. I was confident in every lighting situation, every white balance change, every spur-of-the-moment, well, moment. I felt, for lack of a better word, powerful. Like I was in charge of the lighting. Like I had a huge sign on my chest that said “Be really, really nice to me,” because everyone was. Like I CAN DO THIS.

And it’s not like I had ever actively noticed any feelings of incompetency before {well, there’s always the stage fright before you step out}, but its absence was noticed as if I was physically missing some part of me. Photography has become more a discovery of self than I ever imagined possible. I feel like I’m growing up again, and I really, really like who I’m growing into. And I really, REALLY like all of you who are helping me.

Thank you Mallory and Peter.

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