Introducing +Raven

So, in case you hadnít noticed, Iím now a +Raven. Which means I will soon be working on obtaining my +Networking, +Editing, and +Shooting, since I already have +Speed and +Magic.

Pardon me, Iím being a nerd.

But seriously, itís kind of a big deal. The internship that I was participating in is now a job. A JOB. Most of the time, you never think that internships will turn into anything except a line on your resume, but this specific one is so much more than that for me.†Mark and I have talked about our plans, our goals, and any questions Iíve had along the way: he and Leah have really been there for me and +Laura, no matter what, especially during this transition, which has been really great.

I have my fair share of fears for this whole adventure. Though most have abated, the strongest one that kept coming back to me and shaking me up was that I was selling out and giving into ďThe Man.Ē I had my own company {well, pre-license, but functioning nonetheless} before the internship, which was about to undergo a MAJOR makeover and brand overhauling. Then I was offered this ď+Ē position instead. The fear of selling out came up because now Iím no longer my own entity, standing {mostly} alone against corporate studios and cheap drive-thru photographers. Have I given up, joining this team? Have I sold out?

Nah. I donít think so. Because to believe that Iíve given up or sold out is to think that this is the end, which itís not: itís a transition, a beginning in itself. A move Ė or dice roll, if you will – for +Strength. I’m still me.

I fully expect to come out the other side of this time with armed with knowledge, a better sense of self, and the strength to stand on my own again, should I so choose. Iím hoping to nail down my editing style, to polish my shooting, to network the HECK out of the interwebs and live social events, and generally become even more awesome. If such a thing is even possible.

In the meantime, Iíll be working on things Iím not as strong at, continuing the friendships and partnerships developed in and with Season 3 {my set of Interns}, and helping Season 4 {the new interns} achieve what I feel like I achieved through the internship.

So hereís me casting the dice and hoping for my lucky number. Or a +Intelligence, at least.

Posted by +Raven.

Atlanta. Photographer. Raven. Shutley.

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  • Whitney Huynh 10 Feb í11 at 11:37 am

    Raven this is wonderful! I especially love that first picture and the one of Jessica. Just beautiful!

  • +Laura Polmear 10 Feb í11 at 12:29 pm

    So happy to be working with you! Beautiful shots….as always…Looking forward to our ventures to new horizons ūüôā

  • Jessica 10 Feb í11 at 2:56 pm

    Great write up Raven! Thanks for making me look good!