It’s been a good week. Absolutely packed and busy with new shoots, new work, and some new people joining us here. In case you haven’t seen the menu up top – we’re making a few changes and the build up is killing us. Okay not really. But we are excited. The plans we have in the works are the types of things that really only make sense long after they’ve succeeded for a while – and if they fail, well – you slink back slowly and go about your day. Of course – failing has never been an option.

Okay. Actually failure is always an option – but not trying – that’s never been an option.

And believe me – there is definitely a certain amount of anxiousness with any of the endeavors we take on – specifically because we look for things to do that aren’t absolutely groundbreaking – but that hasn’t really been done with a photography business – and not the way we do them.

Next week we’re formally introducing +Laura and +Raven.

They’ll be working with us – but more importantly – they’ll be blogging. Right. Here.

Have a great weekend.

Atlanta. Photography. Photographers. +Laura. +Raven.

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  • Chris Liphart 4 Feb 11 at 9:58 am

    Congrats to (+)Laura and (+)Raven! Its great to see the team expand, especially with such awesome talent!

    Oh, and your comment about not trying not being an option made me think, and I realized that’s not accurate for you either. You don’t “try” anything, you just “do”. 😉

    “Do or do not, there is no try.” -Yoda