Introducing Season 4

Last Friday night was our Graduation/Introduction night for Seasons 3 & 4. More and more we’re realizing how fortunate we are to haveRenewSV for our studio space – especially since the graduation night keeps becoming a bigger and bigger event. We’re not at the point of having fireworks on stage yet – but the whole night definitely ran a lot smoother – we even finished a little early and half of Season 4 had drinks with us across the street… (even though we had been drinking wine the whole night…hmmm…)

A little insight into the night – we always have the new interns bring models to be photographed – or else they’ll be the ones modeling. After the introductions and the experiences are shared on stage – we set the new interns loose to start shooting at different ‘stations’. The graduating interns help the newbies by giving them starter settings and then we basically just say Go.

On a different note – everything since May (Season 1 & Season 2) was leading up to Season 3. As the internship developed and took shape – so did I – and I feel like we’ve taken the internship ‘as it is’ to it’s fullest extent. With Season 4 we’re changing things, getting some help, and aiming for new skies. Ever since the beginning – at the top of the Intern Blog it’s always said ‘Because we can’ – and that’s never been more true than right now.

I hope they’re ready.

Introducing, Season 4:

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