Day Four Five Six

Hey. Leah’s here now. See the photo above? Didn’t I tell you that it’s just different when she’s around? So basically I’ve been hanging around the area where we’re staying – Boudha – and the Bodhnath stupa. This morning was the first morning that Leah’s been here so I woke her up at 5am and we walked in the darkness to sit on the steps in front of one of the monasteries and have some chai.

A few days ago after making the rounds, I ordered chai from this woman who is setup just off the steps where I sit to watch all of the people praying while I hunt for shots. She’s the nicest, and she has the best chai – so I usually order like 5 small cups (at 10 rupees per (it’s about 70 rupees per dollar.))

So that’s basically been the schedule – wake up around 5am, gear up, walk to the stupa – shoot – make a few rounds, and then order a chai and sit on the steps of the monastery. Order more chai from my friend and keep looking for shots. Like this one.

Of course today was different because Leah’s here – and she always makes new friends.

This boy saw us and almost immediately sat down beside Leah. He didn’t really talk at first and we didn’t really get the feeling that he was just hanging out to get some money – so we hung out – and watched people walk by. He laughed at some of them and I of course took pictures of him – and then we eventually got him his own cup of chai.

And then yeah – some of his family came over to see what was going on – and to check out all of the photos Leah had on her phone (Droid!) – because we’ve kind of learned that when we travel abroad and meet new people – sometimes they’re interested in seeing photos of our life back home in the U.S.

After we finished our chai all three of us went up on the stupa and eventually Leah had a little dance party with our friend. Oh yes. Video later.

Today we alsowent over to some more touristy spots – did some shopping (Northface sleeping bags because it’s COLD in our guesthouse – and we’re going to be going up into the Himilayas in a few days.) Lots and lots and lots of good stuff to show you guys when we get back home. My original goal was to come back with a good amountof CONTENT. I’ve succeeded so far and we have a lot, a lot of both photos and video.

See you tomorrow.

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  • Brett Falcon 12 Dec 10 at 2:00 pm

    Sounds like a dreamy schedule. Your shots are really cool. You know I am a sucker for low light. Drink more chai for me!