Introducing: Our Interns

Last night was our big trampoline + fireworks + 10 interns extravaganza!… It. Was. Awesome.

After some initial hiccups we set up 10 strobes, pulled out 5 sets of triggers/receivers and started shooting (“Does anyone live close?! I need to print our insurance liability form! NOW.”)

With such a large group and only about 3 hours to shoot – there wasn’t much time for instruction. Here are the starter settings, adjust this for ambient light, adjust this for the strobes, and GO.

Different from other ‘classes’ or workshops – I wanted the interns to just SHOOT. One of the things that many photographers struggle with at first – is just shooting enough to really start understanding themselves, and their cameras. In the limited time, and with so many people – I knew we weren’t going to be able to give everyone individual attention. So, I set up the lights, gave them starter settings – and let them go at it. We’ll have time later to give them more instruction when they individually go on assignments with me and Leah.

We had one stationary light as fill – and then I let them each move their 2nd lights around for different looks – actually, I forced them to move both their lights AND themselves. But enough about that – let me introduce our Interns.

You can click HERE for the Main Intern Page or you can click on each photo to go to their individual Intern Pages.

Brittany joined us last night – but after the event, she found out that she had the chance to accept an even more awesome opportunity! We knew there was a chance of this happening when we selected her – but we’re very happy for her and her new endeavor. Maybe we’ll be lucky enough to have her be our intern next time around.

This is Joshua Fu. He isn’t an intern but he definitely helped out – A LOT – more than he ever needed to help out, and for that – THANK YOU JOSHUA.

These are our interns. They’ll be with us for 3 months, shooting at least one photo shoot a week and blogging at least twice a week. They’ve decided to put themselves out here in a public space for everyone to see their development – and we’re on the line here, showing everyone whether or not we know a thing or two about photography – but more importantly, whether or not we can convey that knowledge to others.

Because this stuff isn’t top secret and we want to share.

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  • The Broke Socialite 6 May 10 at 1:32 pm

    Amazing! An empire in the making. This literally gave me chills! I am SO proud of y'all.

  • Vanessa 11 May 10 at 2:51 am

    You guys are bananas.

    I like it.

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