Love Like You

I’m adopted. I’ve recently decided to find out more information about my adoption and my birthparents. I’ve already received some information from my case file about my birthmother, and was surprised (oddly enough) to discover she was right around my height and weight, with brown eyes and brown hair.

It’s strange to think there might be someone, somewhere, walking around with my same features. I’ve never really looked like anyone in my family, and I was always ok with that – in fact, it’s hard for me to imagine looking a lot like someone else. And I don’t know if I actually do look like her, or if we just happen to have a similar build and hair color. But having this information makes her seem more real… there really is someone out there who gave birth to me, and I have no idea who she is.

But as I begin this search process, it’s so important to me that my parents – the ones who raised me and the ones I live just around the corner from and the ones I love so very much – that they know I’m ok and that they know how much I love them. I’m fine, regardless of the outcome or what new information I discover. And the reason I’m fine is because I’ve grown up with such a great family. I don’t feel incomplete. I don’t feel I’ve missed out on anything. And even if it turns out I’m a genetic carbon copy of someone else, there are still so many parts of quirky, awesome me that are this way because I was raised by them. The love my parents gave me is such a huge part of me.

Also, I can’t stop listening to this song, and I think everyone should hear it. Even if you’re not adopted.

Love Like You – Juliana Finch

I was born at the tail end of summer and
I was born without a father or mother and
had to find my own way

Upstream like Moses in a basket
I found this palace without even askin
And I’ve been lucky since that day

Even though I always knew I was different
I still got treated like a baby sister
And forced to play basketball

I think you worry that I don’t feel complete
But I got everything I ever needed
And you’re the reason for it all

But do you think I’m wandering
Do you think I’m lost, do you?
Searching for some long lost roots

Yeah I know she’s out there
A woman with my eyes and my hair
A man who smiles the way I do
But I love like you

I haven’t always done what I oughta
Been twice the prodigal daughter
But I think we’re turning out ok

You did the best that you possibly could have
And it was better than anyone else would have
So all I’m really tryin to say is

Do you think I’m wandering
And do you think I’m lost, do you?
Searching for some long lost roots

Yeah I know she’s out there
A woman with my eyes and my hair
A man who smiles exactly like I do

Yeah I know she’s out there
A woman with my voice and my hair
But I love like you

You can listen to Love Like You and more of Juliana Finch’s music here:


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  • Carrie Neal Walden 19 Dec 09 at 2:42 pm

    What a great post. I have no doubt that your parents are both incredibly proud of you and certain of how much you love them!!

  • Rosemary Clark 6 May 13 at 9:56 pm

    I heard a song I liked by Juliana Finch, called "Love Like You" and tried to find the lyrics. I found this blog post that contains the lyrics.