Thanksgiving Dinner


Here are our Thanksgiving dinner photos. I know. You. Are. Excited…Click Here.

We really like taking photos – have you noticed?

This year I am most thankful for two things: my family, and our super fun photography endeavor. Wait, no make that three things…I’m also really thankful for my social work education/internship/burgeoning career.

So, to celebrate our gratitude and love of food, we had Thanksgiving dinner at my parents’ house. I’m sure it was quite good, but I was so congested I couldn’t taste much. Thank goodness for leftovers!

That’s my dad. He never lets me take his picture, so I have to be sneaky. I was in the other room at the kids’ table. Except it’s no longer the kids table, as my cousin’s two adorable daughters sat at the big table, whilst my cousin and I (both adults now), and our misters, sat in the living room at the little table.


My cousin’s daughter was playing with a cool light-box-drawing-thing. Hah. She’s a riot.


Look! It’s what we do, as summarized by an 8-year-old girl. Oh, and Love in this instance is her little sister. Not the love that Mark and I share. Just to clear things up.

At least…I’m pretty sure that’s what/who she was referring to.

Vote today if you live in Atlanta! And don’t forget to do at least one thing that makes you happy today! If you’re super busy/on-the-go, at least watch this video. Definitely a smile-inducer.

Oh – here are the rest of our Thanksgiving dinner photos. I know. You. Are. Excited…Click Here.

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  • Addy 1 Dec 09 at 3:43 pm

    Loved what your cousin's daughter wrote on that light thingy – kids always say the cutest things! And thanks for sharing the Kumi video – OMG I never saw someone sing w/ so much heart!! And loved the sweet "thank you" at the very end 🙂