Dai Moda Fashion Show


I shot another fashion show last night – this time for a designer named Catina. Her line is named Dai Moda (um, day fashion). It was at Mist Lounge just north of Buford highway area (although I’m sure they prefer to say something like ‘Near Chamblee Dunwoody Rd and 285’) – anyways, yeah. It was raining like crazy so the show started a little late – but the band was really good. I mean, REALLY GOOD. SO good that I’m writing about them in this post and I don’t even know their name. I’ll have to find out about that.


So. I have to admit – when I show up to places now, I understand that my Nikon D40 is an entry level DSLR. I understand that many people have much more expensive and technically impressive cameras – and I often run into them at these things. Such was the case last night. I met another photog and asked him what camera body he was using. It was an impressive Canon something-something and he had a 70-200mm lens on it… which actually was my first clue that he may not exactly know how to use all of his gear. I mean – I was having a hard time with my 50mm because it was just too much zoom – and about what he was getting with his 70-200mm at it’s widest point.

I also have to admit that at this point – I’m the biggest fan of my photos – so knowing what sort of shots I usually get – I asked him how long he’s been a photographer. 5 Years. When he asked me – I told him since March. – since that’s when I got my first DSLR camera. He gave me the expected reaction – but I must admit that he was REALLY NICE about it – and I was really nice without coming off as embarassed like I’m sure lots of people feel when they step up with a D40.

Another thing to admit – I was kind of messing with him. I mean – the entry level D40 + my having only used it since March – compared to his 5 or so years with his CanonPro something-something… ha, it was more funny to me than anything. But at the end of the night, I showed him some of my shots and he was genuinely blown away. So much so that we spent the next 25 minutes talking with him asking me every question he could think of right then. I essentially gave him the Strobists 101 light course. Seriously. Look. It’s all right here. Click.

But he was really nice and even happy to learn the little bit that I know.

This also just reminds me that there are point and shoot photogs out there that take shots I wouldn’t even think of taking – and that are much better. I see them all day long on Flickr.

Of course, I’m still learning right? I mean sure, it’s easy for me to keep taking the same Off-Camera-Lens-Flare shot over and over again.

I will say that right now shooting events is almost easier than doing sitting portraits or posed photo shoots – only because the pressure isn’t all on me. With a photo shoot I feel 99% responsible for whether the shots will come out or not. At an event? maybe 60%… alright, 80%, but it’s still less.

Still. Have a great day.


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