Off Camera

Practice shot with Leah's cousin Kate - darn lens flare

We’ve been busy. I’ve been lining up actual ‘photoshoots’ with actor/models and trying out some of the new fun camera stuff I have now – mostly doing the Strobist thing with the off camera flashes – except everything I have is manual. Manual lenses, manual metering, manual flashes. I’d say I was moving pretty fast during the practice session with Leah’s cousins – seen in the photos here. I had the sun as the back/rim light and then my flash to the left or right side. Oh.

Leah's cousin Maggie and her friend - I told them to make a tough fighting pose

I’m going to a rodeo tonight – because you know, being from Arizona, I’m all about country and western – even at the same time. Although aside from the part where it’s an exploitation of animals (mostly I just don’t like the roping events.) From the looks of the arena – it’s pretty small and I think I’ll be able to stay up against the fence and get some really good shots… I don’t really have a zoom lens worth mentioning, so I’ll need to be as close as possible, but the light should be bright and I have some fast lenses in my bag.

Happy Birthday Leah! (again)

Birthdays go on forever when you have a big family.

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