Something Borrowed

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These are new photos taken last night at the same dojo as before. This was supposed to be a slightly different experience for me since I had borrowed some off camera flashes with optical triggers. So that not only would I get some practice with off camera flash, but also so that this set didn’t look like the first set taken two weeks ago.

Borrowed equipment that I don’t know how to work = FAIL. I couldn’t get any of the other flashes to go off and even though my new on-camera flash was strong enough to bounce off the ceiling (which was pretty high up)… the shots were more boring than… boring.

DSC_3673 copy

Still. I’ll have to try to find some time to practice this weekend if I can get this equipment to work – maybe I’ll have Leah stand around and throw things at me while I take her photo. You know – because regular portraits too easily turn zzz…. or something like that. What I’m trying to do is move a little closer to the idea of ‘making a photograph’ as opposed to just ‘taking photographs’ – which obviously I still like doing. But there’s a big difference, and I have big holes when it comes to on demand.

DSC_3840 copy

This is Koon Lau – he’s one of the owners of Saraiva MMA. Apparently he really liked the photos from the last time I was there because he asked for full size copies that he could use for general marketing purposes – and you know me, I was just happy that he gave me free reign to shoot everyone and everything in the place. Also, when I gave him the disk last night, he told me that he got around 5 new students because they saw the photos on Facebook – and THAT was awesome to hear.

DSC_3595 copy

This past week has been really up and down with our busy schedules and the unpacking – which Leah has done a really terrific job with. Also, we’ve found a pretty good junk-food-chinese spot just down the road. AND even though my commute is technically about 10 miles longer – it only added 10 minutes to my drive both to and from work. So this new apartment thing is working out.

These were all taken with my manual 50mm f/1.8 lens

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  • Melissa Maples 13 Aug 09 at 2:04 pm

    These are amazing, and a great improvement over the last set, which were pretty good anyway!

    • MarkRoX 14 Aug 09 at 2:06 am

      Oh Mel Maples – I'll take an 'amazing' from you ANY day. Thanks.