Leaving for the weekend

We’ve been kind of silent this week. We’ve both been really busy. I’m editing lots of video for other people’s projects and Leah’s finishing up assignments for summer school. I’m also flying out tomorrow night to go back to Phoenix for the weekend. My friends and a few others are having a mini-reunion since our high school never had an ‘official’ class reunion.

This all started because in the last few months, more and more of our former classmates have joined up on Facebook so we’re all loosely connected now. For all the annoyances of social networks – finding out classmates with little effort is a genuine plus. (Unless you know, they were creepy classmates… of course… some people probably think that about me.)

We went to see the Braves play today down at Turner Field (baseball for those that don’t know.) I’m still learning how to use my camera, trying to learn settings better so that I can adjust faster.

Click on Photo for the Full Size Image

I don’t have a real wide-angle lens but the above photo is made up of 5 photos stitched together. Click on the photo to see the full size image – and then notice that little boy in the bottom right corner. He’s double fisting big gulp cups. Awesome.

I’ve recently bought a few things for my Nikon D40, the main thing being a 50mm prime lens. Autofocus doesn’t work on the D40 with this lens so I’ve actually had to finally learn more about my camera and photography in general. Like actually understanding shutterspeed and aperture and making the adjustments. I realized that I never really knew anything about my camera until I bought this lens because I didn’t have to figure anything out. Other than aperture and shutter speed, I didn’t even really know what everything in the menus did and how I could/should change them.

Oh. I also signed up to take part (a small part) in a photo exhibit in a gallery – it’s not until October so I have some time, but I do need to get some photos I think are worth showing/selling and then having them printed/framed. Still learning.

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