Monday Timeframe

Riding MARTA

We had a busy Saturday – July 4th of course. Fortunately, we mostly did nothing yesterday. Still. We’ve been sorting out our finances and figuring out what we need to do in order to pay down our debt + find some money to travel sometime next year. We’ll probably have to go later in the year closer to fall or early winter ’cause the prices on flights are significantly cheaper. But that’s okay ’cause we’re not so dependent on going during any high season and since this would be a traveling trip and not a lie-on-the-beach vacation trip, the summer weather isn’t required.

Cheering on the runners
Cheering on the runners

Saturday morning we went down to the Peachtree Roadrace to watch the runners and cheer on our friends that were actually in the race. It’s a 10k – but people around here are really into this particular race. Although this is our 3rd year living in Atlanta – this is the first year that I’ve seen the race. It was… you know, it was something that I think we’ll make an annual thing (not so sure about actually running it – ’cause running outside sucks…. put me on a treadmill forever and I’ll be fine.)

We rode MARTA down to the race route – and that was actually kind of interesting. Just because it was packed with so many people who were also going to the race. So you have all of these people in their running clothes with their race numbers pinned on – very different from the usual view on MARTA.

Of course – I am VERY HAPPY that on our ride back the train car wasn’t packed with as many runners – because a train car full of people who just ran 6 miles can’t be a good thing.

I took way too many photos – because it’s a race and you can’t be selective – there are just too many moments – you just need to shoot away and sort it out later – but here’s 17 from that morning.

At Lake Allatoona

So after the race – we rushed back to get home, take a nap (well, I did) and then we had to drive out to Lake Allatoona to go out on a boat. Last year the boat died while we were out on the lake – this year, our friend with the boat got a new boat (actually Leah’s parent’s close family friend – and the reason our table setting flowers looked SO GREAT at our wedding) … it’s actually her son’s new boat. Which means that none of us actually knew how to start it. So first we sat there in the boat, at the dock for 20 minutes, trying to figure out how to start the boat – it was a simple extra switch that we couldn’t find.

But once we were out there – it was all full of awesome.

Sparklers at the lake

Sadly. The weekend is over.

Monday! Monday! Monday!

Yeah. That didn’t work.

…. We stood in front of OutWrite bookstore at the corner of 10st & Piedmont. If you were in the race, I was on the right side of the street. – you know, almost standing in the way with my camera aimed at the runners. If you think I snapped a photo of you – let me know and I’ll try to find it and get it to you.

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  1. These may be the best photos of Leah ever taken… like, ever. And I ADORE the colour processing on these.

    God, the one of her cheering on the runners actually puts a lump in my throat.

    1. Hey Thanks!

      I took around 1300 shots that morning at the race – (since you have so little time to decide to shoot or not – so I just decided to always shoot) – (but you know, you see the person coming up and then shoot rapid shots when they're about where you want them) – still, I kept thinking – I wonder how MelissaMaples did it.

      Because I remember that you shot a marathon – although I don't remember what any of those photos look like. But the whole time I'm thinking 'man, I just don't want the same shot over and over again.'

      So I crossed the street several times – which is kind of interesting because 55,000 people running down one street is a WALL of runners, so you have to get in and run with them while making your way to the other side.

      Still. That's nice of you to comment. And I did check your Egypt post. 🙂 Oh. by the way. I know everyone says it, but we're coming to see you and Antalya (well, and E. also). We'll make sure we're not an imposition/burden but we're coming. We're aiming to go to Brussels and then over to Antalya late next year. If you're still there of course. 😉

  2. Marathons are like that – you sort of just have to click click click click click, and you keep your eye on the ball, but like you said, there are 55,000 balls and you're just one person. So you take 1300 shots and you sort it out when you get home. It's not the kind of thing where you can wait for that one perfect moment, because the perfect moments are happening so quickly, and many of them at the same time.

    We would love for you to visit us in Antalya! Talk to me about it closer to the time and we'll plan some stuff out.

  3. LOVE the photo of Leah – the second one – cheering on the runners. Great shot! She just looks so damn happy in it… Like if there was ONE person in the world you'd like to meet, you'd want it to be her because she just loves life!

    1. You know – it's funny because that photo looks like one of those 'moments' that you just get lucky to capture – but it's actually part of a series. But yeah, there is much more to it than just a 'nice photo' – I'll have to aim for that more often.

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