We Must Move

The Westin Hotel Downtown Atlanta (the black spots are windows broken during last year's tornado)

Our apartment is a mess. It’s kind of been a mess since our wedding. After our wedding we got a lot more stuff. Just lots and lots of stuff. Boxes and appliances and stuff. On top of all of the stuff we already have – we’re kind of overflowing, especially for our small apartment.

Now, we’re moving in a month and we really need to start packing. We’re going to try to not make this one of those last minute things like we’ve done before – because that’s just not fun for anyone. SO, since we have a lot of stuff that we don’t use anyways – and it just sits there in my closet – we really need to go through everything, throw out junk, and pack up the rest… And then we also have half a garage full of things too.

At least we hire movers to move everything – so we just need to box it all up and let them drop it off.

Street 21 Level

You’ve probably noticed (or not, I don’t really pay attention to things here either) – but we don’t ever post photos of things very often. By ‘things’ I mean photos of stuff not people – or photos without people. I’m generally not interested in things not people – or people and their surroundings – but lately I’ve re-started reading/visiting MelissaMaples.com and now with her revamped website and the rotating header images – I am constantly reminded that I don’t take photos of things or landscapes (like she does) – so I figured I should start and practice. (Even when I shoot anything resembling a landscape, I have to have a person in the shot… and it’s almost always Leah.)

I’ve generally avoided it because I see lots of macro photos, or still life photos, or landscapes that are really boring.

So right now, I’m just working on looking for shapes and um, I don’t know what part of ‘Photo 101’ class this corresponds with – but that’s where I’m at.

Youth at OutReach Center

I also visited the Atlanta StandUp for Kids outreach center last night – it’s their new street outreach center and I hadn’t gone down to visit yet.

As stated in an earlier post – I’m working tomorrow – while many other people have the day off – but that’s okay ’cause we’re going to Lake Allatoona on Saturday. That should be fun. Last year when we went, the boat died. We weren’t in the middle of the lake, but we were a good distance from our dock, and a good distance from any other docks or roads. Eventually a friend of our friend who owned the boat came to rescue us – but not after we had been stranded for a few hours, and had run out of water to drink. Still, lots of fun. Look here’s a video from last year.

A Little More Atlanta from LeahAndMark.com on Vimeo.

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  1. I think the thing with me is, for 99% of my shots I don't distinguish between "people" and "things" – people are just one type of thing that may or may not be a part of a moment I'm capturing. If they're there in the moment, either as the main subject or peripherally, then they get captured. If they're not there, I'm not going to deliberately or artificially stick a person in there for the sake of it, because then it's just a posed snapshot, and as you know, I am the anti-pose when it comes to photography. I much prefer getting natural captures, and whether or not they have people in them just doesn't matter to me.

    Glad you're digging the new site layout – I'm really happy with it, and can't wait to start exploring what it can do. I think the fact that you're reading it again (and that my subscriber numbers are going up sharply) proves my theory that having a good layout does actually improve one's experience of the content, providing that the content is at least of a halfway decent standard.

    By the way, I love all the shots in this post, and I'm shocked that a place as first-world as Atlanta wouldn't have fixed those windows by now. Even in Turkey they get stuff like that replaced right away. But as with most broken things, the window holes make a better photo than regular windows would have. So yay for that!

    1. Ohhh, yeah, about the windows – apparently the building codes changed significantly after the hotel was built, so they can't just replace the windows that were broken… they have to replace ALL of the windows (over 6,000 of them), and that is going to cost over a million dollars. I guess they haven't come up with the money yet.

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