My Band

I’ve come to the conclusion that my whole ‘switching from project to project’ thing is really just… my own personal band project. In that… you know how some people are always in one band or another, or always working on their music? Or whatever hobby? Well… mine is… switching from hobby to hobby. Or rather, interest to interest for months at a time. Which makes me quite well rounded… although not really accomplished at anything.

But I figure that one day, I’ll achieve mastery of some of these interests all at once… one day.

The video above? You know, they have a BIG sign as you enter the Dekalb Farmer’s Market that says there is absolutely NO PHOTOGRAPHY including VIDEO TAPING allowed inside the market… and I guess I didn’t see it. And I’m sure they have some sort of annoying reason that makes sense for any business to have… but it’s still annoying, and too bad because it’s a fun place to visit, and do your grocery shopping. Although, it is quite interesting that we taped so much and yet no one said anything until I got all the way to the other end of the market and one of the fromage guys shook his head at me like – you can’t video in here!

The lack of video stabilization on the Zi6 did get pretty bad in there though.

We also finally got out and about and went to the Dogwood Festival down in Piedmont Park! And ya know… I think I like the neighborhood festivals a little more… I don’t know, maybe we went at the wrong time (we did go a little early before EVERYONE and their mom arrived) – or it’s the part where we didn’t meet up with any friends when we got there… but we also had a deadline because we had made plans to meet up with one of Leah’s college roommates later in the afternoon…


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  • Dallas 20 Apr 09 at 4:07 am

    I love your videos. Will you come to Brussels and make me some videos about my city? 🙂 Looks like you guys had a great weekend.