I am typing this by candlelight… well, on my phone – but we only have 1 flashlight and 15 tea lights to illuminate our apartment – which would be more than enough if we didnt need to get things done.

Leah has a paper to work on, and I have some projects that i need to make progress with, but no. we’re stuck without.

and while there is that wholw camping fun factor, now is not the time… blah, i just wanna get online. see how desperate i am? im blogging from my phone.

still. i cant help but feel like i could have made more of tonite and the lack of electricity. kind of like i focused too much on what i couldnt do, instead of discovering something cool… or um, hanging out with my cats in the dark.

although, with all thesw candles it is kind od like being in a dark monastery. i will now proceed to meditate on being awesome. goodnight.

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