Weekend Endeavors

We’ve been reading and hearing so many great things about our Honeymoon resort – from the reviews online, to friends on Facebook and friends in real life too. Also, I was going to wait until we had come back from our trip to mention who we booked it through – but by then it’d be the middle of June. So.

For the few people who read our blog and have the opportunity to go on a trip and don’t want to just book it through Expedia or Travelocity – you might want to check out our friends at VacationExpress.com

Now, obviously we don’t have to say it, but we get nothing for promoting them, however, one of their employees who reads our blog, has been very helpful with answering all of my questions. Not only that, but they’re actually headquartered here in Atlanta so it’s a good mix of booking through the internet but also having a real travel agent-like person that you can deal with in case something bad comes up.

So it’s been totally awesome and easy and we’ve had nothing to worry about at this point. Of course, we’ll see – but I mean, you have to think positively about your Honeymoon.

Oh Yeah. We saw a movie this weekend. Fast and Furious. You might have noticed, they took out ‘The’ from the title. So instead of The Fast and The Furious. It’s just Fast and Furious.

It was awesome. Except for the parts where there was talking and no cars. All the talking while they were in the cars was alright. But then there are ‘moments’ where things just fall apart -because they’re trying to do some acting – and it’s really bad writing (like this entry!)

But! Later that afternoon, since it was such an awesome Saturday, we stopped by The Local and started texting people to see who could possibly hangout. Here comes Monday.

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  1. Aww, that’s so nice–thanks for the shoutout. Here’s hoping you nothing but on-time flights, short Customs lines and the nicest resort staff (you know, all those things we’d *like* to control). Congratulations!

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