My Desktop

I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking that it’s quite impressive how I can work at a desk full of such awesome clutter… and then maybe why I have these gadgets and so many of them. It’s not my fault. Gadgets collect at my desk on their own. Although, I will admit, the coffee mug thing can get kind of out of hand. I think the most I’ve ever had on my desk at one time was… probably four. But look! I could totally hold way more than four coffee mugs on this desk! I just have to move some stuff around.

What’s funny is that my desk really wasn’t like this yesterday. Seriously. This happened overnight somehow. I know it wasn’t like this yesterday (at least for a moment) because we turned my desk around to watch a movie and you can’t watch a movie with all this junk in the way.

Still. It’s Friday. Have an awesome today and we’ll see you tomorrow. ‘Cause you’re awesome.

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  • liz 3 Apr 09 at 7:12 am

    Ha! I can’t even begin to post a picture of my desk. Too shaming.

    I am still trying to come up with a scenario where a cast of Leah’s upper teeth would be needed at the computer. 🙂