Sukiyaki Western Django!

Dinner @ Leon’s Full Service from on Vimeo.

Up above is an unedited clip from dinner last night at a new(er) restaurant in Decatur – Leon’s Full Service. Leah and I hadn’t been out and about with this group for a while so it was fun to see them – and eat and drink!

I suppose there isn’t much to say right now – but below is the trailer for… a movie that I really liked. Aside from the look/colors/angles of everything – I enjoyed how they’re all asian actors – and none of them speak english very well – and the whole movie is in english! But it doesn’t sound garbled or even very ‘accented’ – more like… warped speech.

This is how live action anime should always be.

Have an awesome Weekend.

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  • Lauren 27 Feb 09 at 11:40 am

    I am clearly, awesome.