Screen Test

Since I’ve had some down time before my next and final class begins – I’ve started to really play around with my little pocket cam – the Kodak Zi6. It’s HD and it’s great for daylight stuff – but even then, it’s still video and doesn’t look like film. So I’m testing out lighting schemes and post settings to see how close I can get it to look like film + whatever else I wanna do to it stylistically (you know, to distract from the not-film aspect.) Because there are a lot of pretty awful movies out there – especially in the horror genre.

And I have the story – in my head – (which is the lame excuse most of us give when what we’re really saying is that I’m not serious about this – yet) – so on my list of goals is to bang out this script and get it to a point where I can show it to Leah. Because ya know, it’s gonna have both of us – because in our heads we’re awesome actors (Well, I’ll edit us to look great at least.) Actually – we both have quite a bit of acting instruction and practice – of course, I guess that hasn’t done anything for many people out there. Still. We’re awesome.

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