Bands and Mao and Oxen, oh my!

It’s Friday! Hooo-rah! Above is a crazy band I saw in Lille, France when I visited my cousin there back in 2006. Sometimes I picture them following me around, like my own personal CrazyFrenchBand. Like, when I get some really good news, I picture them popping out and making some joyful noise. I think everyone should have their own band. It’s a great pick-me-up.

I also dance a lot. Whenever I hear music. It’s like…this weird thing I can’t control. I just have to dance. Sometimes when my band plays, I start dancing even if no one else can hear the music. I’m sure lots of people think I’m slightly off. Oh well. At least I’m happy. And dancing.

I also sometimes picture Chairman Mao in my head. I’m not sure why.

I forgot to wish everyone a Happy New Year (Lunar-time)! It’s the year of the Earth Ox. You can read more about that here:

Xin nian kuai le! Or, if you speak Cantonese, Kung hei fat choi! (See, Cantonese is TOTALLY different from Mandarin. I do not speak the Cantonese. But I have friends who do.)

This post is neither insightful nor particularly cohesive. I am distracted. If I can get through most of my work this weekend, you might see another post outta me. But I’m not making any promises! Mark is much more consistent in the posting arena. But if you ever start to miss me, there are 40 or so videos of me being a dork for your viewing pleasure. Thanks, Mark.

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