Fifth Grade

Zhongdian Bus Ride from on Vimeo.

Yes. It’s been a while. A whole week in fact. While I’d like to say we’ve been busy and give other excuses… that’s not a very good one since we’ve posted a lot during times when we were really busy – but mostly, it’s… finding something interesting to write about – or something interesting to show you guys.

It’s Monday. Monday’s area always busy for me – mostly because I push a lot of my schoolwork until today – on the University of Phoenix school schedule, the last day of the week is Monday – so I have until midnight tonight to turn my assignments in/get everything done and then tomorrow a new week starts. So Mondays are generally full.

The weekend was alright. Picked out my tuxedo – I’m gonna look awesome – AND we went to Flip Burger Boutique – I think I’ll actually get myself to write up a Yelp review on this one.

I failed at being as productive last week as I had wanted to be – this week I can’t. I really have to get a substantial number of things done (I believe this line repeats itself every week) – but I have… six weeks of school left, a job I’m still having to ramp up learning, other projects I’m working on to make our lives super awesome – on top of the ones that Leah’s working on – on top of our ever changing plans – on top of OneTwo and ThreeFour being crazy at night lately and keeping us up… we have to get back to blogging more often.

Not for any ‘readership count’ reason – because there were never too many to begin with (but we appreciate our friends that keep up) – but because life blurrs by too easily and while we shouldn’t dwell on any one part, reflecting is useful – and looking back on moments or thoughts that you otherwise wouldn’t ever pick up again… those are the ones you want to remember years later – not the event itself, but how you felt, or thought, or… realizing that what you remember feeling isn’t really what you felt…

And finally – we totally looked hot in 5th Grade.

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  • Michael 2 Feb 09 at 10:06 am

    I’m looking forward to reading your Yelp review of Flip… I’ve been meaning to try it for a while now. How was it? Worth the 12 minute drive from my office for lunch?


  • anna love 2 Feb 09 at 1:42 pm

    hahaha. those are some sexy outfits. man, 5th grade was so heinous for me…. what is with that year?!