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Arizona Holiday Trip v1 FINAL from on Vimeo.

Why Hello! The above is the first video I’ve made so far from our recent holiday trip back to Arizona – even though I took everything with my new Kodak Zi6 “HD” camera (it’s one of those pocket cams like the Flip) – this isn’t HD since… I’m still trying to figure out the file conversions and getting Premiere Pro to actually render these files without it blowing up halfway through the process. 🙂

You’ll notice in this video there some weird momemnts of zoom and panning – I ran this through an image stabilizer and I’m still learning how to adjust the settings so it’s not as weird – but I liked the oddly smooth panning with a vibrating picture, so I left it this time.

It’s the MLK holiday today – and that’s cool – I actually have it OFF – I haven’t had this holiday for at least a decade and… Well, we can safely say that Leah and I have both acted like we knew we had today off (we’ve pushed nearly ALL of our homework/stuff to do over the weekend until TODAY.) So we have a lot to get done today and we both have to focus – on the busy-ness and then everything.

Oh. I’ve also recently come up with a new idea… for something. And I’m being rather vague because I’m always coming up with ideas – well, schemes really – and only about half ever workout (truly, maybe on 1/4 if I’m counting correctly – and that’s with a bias) – but this is probably one of my grandest schemes to date, but the reason it may work is because unlike other schemes that pop out of my head – this one takes considerably more work upfront before it could ever get to a point past… past me talking about it here on this blog.

So. Um. Add this to the list of everything. Learning. Ruby. and then Rails.

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  • anna love 19 Jan 09 at 11:35 am

    stoppin by. ill go put it on twitter, you might get it faster

  • anna love 21 Jan 09 at 11:51 pm

    i use your website to talk to you…
    slumdog didn’t work. watched a trailer for it and now i’m obsessed and have to see it. sigur ros was the music for it, so i’m not sure if it was that or the fact that it looks like a d.r.e.a.m love story that was the sinker for me.

  • anna love 21 Jan 09 at 11:52 pm


  • Dallas 23 Jan 09 at 8:48 am

    Your videos are great. What do you use to edit them?