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On New Year’s Eve we hung out with our friends Naoya & Shelli – and then we learned about this dice game left/right/center/dot – those are the options on the dice that you roll. Everyone starts out with 3 dollars – which means you only lose 3 dollars. Depending on how many dollars you have, you roll 1,2, or 3 dice and then follow the instructions. If it comes up L – then you pass a dollar to your left, if it comes up R – then you pass one to your right. Simple. BUT! What’s awesome is that until the people on your left or right run out of money – then you’re still in the game. Anyways. Winning is always fun.

Win It! from LeahAndMark.com on Vimeo.

First. In case you’ve ever wondered which one of us is posting – at the bottom of each post it tells you which one of us, posted, and now in the bottom right corner of each post it tells you WHEN we posted – as in, it shows the post date. I know, it’s crazy that for almost a year we didn’t have date stamps on our post… but that just adds to the timelessness of our blog right? ha.

I’ve been trying to keep up with all of my goals, but then I realized that I have most of a year to work on them, so then I slowed down – as in, not trying to learn MandarinSpanishNepali all at once while finishing up my last few classes of school (I’ll finally knock out that bachelor’s degree in March) on top of everything else I’m trying to keep up with – like cleaning out my closet (literally – there were too many clothes and other junk in there) – and then also… the dishes.

Oh. My computer arrived last night. So Anna, you’re off the hook! Yay!

I had ordered it from Dell (an awesome 3mhz/4gig box + 24 inch flat screen monitor – yes TWENTY-FOUR INCHES!) Anyways, at around 9:30 I get this call on my phone from the FEDEX man who’s apparently standing outside of Anna’s house (thinking it’s my house) and waiting for me to open the door – I tell him that I can be there in like 5 minutes if he’ll wait – and he does! and I get my computer! and the world is awesome.

Except of course I couldn’t go to bed early like I had planned – because I HAD to set this thing up and check it out, even if for just a few minutes. And so… I woke up at 4:30am like I usually do, but I was too tired to go to the gym AND then make it through a day of work (at least make through the day without feeling miserable – which on a side note, has caused me to realize HOW I used to stay up all night and be out and not worry about work the next day – it was partly because I had crap jobs, but mostly because I was apparently OK with feeling like garbage… which I’m not anymore – in general.)

Ummm, so, I woke up to go to the gym, but didn’t go to the gym because I was tired… but instead of going back to sleep… I sat down at my tiny desk with a big monitor and started looking around.

Oh. Clearly, part of the reason the posting has slowed down since we got back from Phoenix is that my Laptop died, and I just haven’t been taking as many photos – but we’ve also been locking ourselves indoors these past two weeks because we’re trying to save money (well, okay, starting RIGHT NOW) – and then also… ah nevermind I don’t know what I’m talking about. But, there just hasn’t been much picture taking lately. I suppose I should get out more on the weekends. We DO need to do that. We’ve just been really busy with… busy-ness I suppose… which is the worst type of busy ya know?

Oh. I have been running and lifting and I have to say, since this isn’t my first time losing weight/getting in awesome looking fitness shape – the hardest part isn’t even the actual exercise – it’s the WAITING. Waiting for my body to get back to a point where I’d like it to be – because unlike people who’ve never really gone through the whole weightloss/fitness transformation, I don’t question whether or not this can happen – I KNOW it’s going to happen because for me it’s all just math. Quality calories in, and burn MORE total calories. So the hardest part is just… waiting to get that point of finish (arbitrary since it moves.) I can even get myself to avoid foods and just make better decisions, but the hardest part is still the waiting. (It took a while, but I’m back in that mentality where… I actually have self control.)

Um. Must Stop Now.

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  • Little Miss Moi 14 Jan 09 at 3:01 pm

    Hey Mark, don’t you just LOVE that new computer feeling? Well, when I was back in Australia sprogging, we decided it was time for an upgrade. We had a HUGE laptop – you know, those desktop replacements – and we wanted a smaller unit that we could easily carry around. Well, they come at a price! So I got another HUGE laptop (15 inch?) and… an eeepc! Which I only knew about because of your ‘review’ from your travels. And I love my eeepc! It’s been so good for taking advantage of all the free WiFi in Kyiv, and taking on our travels too. Thanks guys for the recommendation!