Weekend Lore

The weekend was kind of tiring – and I feel like I didn’t get much done. I just wasn’t focused. SO this week will have to be better. Tonight will have to be better – I have a considerable amount of homework to knock out – I always have a considerable amount on Monday night (it’s due.)

I did clean my closet – a huge accomplishment, trust me.

Waiting on my new computer to arrive – eventually. Sharing a single computer (aside from our little net laptops) is weird…

Signed up for ChinesePod.com – downloading as many of the files as I can before my initial subscription runs out. I think it’s pretty good, the audio/dialogue is much more interesting than other teaching methods – and the variation of situational conversation is quite substantial. I feel like even if I just ‘listen’ to the lessons everyday then it’s sticking in my head somewhere and building – unlike other teaching tools/programs where it never really makes an impression. I DO need to find time to practice writing characters.

This weekend kind of flew by and here we are on Monday. I’ll need to think about this more.

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