Let’s be ambitious this year:

  • Learn Chinese (speak and write)
  • Get back to being in superhero shape!
  • Read more of books that count as ‘literature’
  • Read more biographies
  • Learn Spanish
  • Get really good at my current job
  • Be an awesome fiance and then husband
  • Take better care of my car
  • Get rid of the clutter in our apartment
  • Watch considerablyless television
  • Actually learn to play some songs on my guitar
  • Learn how to cook five awesome dishes from scratch from memory
  • Hangout with Leah, OneTwo and ThreeFour – more
  • Yoga. Everyday. Seriously.
  • Give reiki everyday
  • Keep track of the spending
  • Not worry about small things
  • Actually worry about some of the important/big things
  • Learn Nepali (yes, that’s 3 languages on this list!)
  • Make more friends around the world
  • Avoid doing the things that equate to bad Karma

I can do it – because I have a big head (with awesome hair)that holds a big brain and then of course, lots of energy from all of the reiki, the superfoods (that I’m gonna start eating) – and the removal of grease foods (that I’m not going to eat nearly as often this year – including those breakfast foods that I LOVE.)

I don’t know where all of the money is going to come from in order to pay for all of our adventures, pay down our debt, and anything else we want or need – but having the tension and stress over money has never worked for either of us – so we’ll both need to let go of that and clearly work on those Jedi mind tricks of attracting abundance – in whatever form it manifest itself.

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  1. That list is nothing if not ambitious! Three languages? Daily yoga? Wow.

    As for the list of dishes, my favorite right now is garlic, rosemary and Parmesan polenta. Steep a couple of cloves of garlic with several sprigs of rosemary in a pot with 3 cups of milk (whole if you have it) for 15 minutes, then remove the garlic and rosemary and slowly wisk in 1.5 cups of polenta. Once the milk is absorbed in the polenta, keep it on low heat for 15 minutes or so, wisking every few minutes, and thinning it out with some chicken stock if it gets too lumpy. Add some grated Parmesan cheese and pepper and serve. It’s one of my wife’s favorite side dishes right now!

    Happy 2009!


  2. Definitely a hefty list! Three languages is no small task.

    If you’re looking for a good language learning tool, I recently launched a project called Cognition. You can find it at . I have a lot of Mandarin content shared, but no Spanish or Nepali yet I’m afraid. Luckily it’s designed so that you can add your own content for whatever you want to study, and it’s all completely free. If you add any Spanish or Nepali stuff be sure to share it so that I can learn too!

    Best of luck.

  3. i can’t find why kraft is bad… i didn’t look too hard though. i just remember reading years ago about it when i did stuff with amnesty. i think it has something to do with bad business practices as far as fair trade goes with crap and junk. perhaps it was coffee and some other stuff. i’m sorry. i have two ways of filter/filing things in my brain: good and bad; all the details get discarded.
    … maybe that might help you in better understanding me as a person.
    hahahaha that was the worst comment post ever.

  4. A list like that is a great way to start a new year. If you only crack two or three of those I would consider it successful!

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