Tis the Season

I love having a decent camera right on my phone. I didn’t expect to use that feature as much as I do. I also love holding my sweet little OneTwo. He’s the cuddliest kitty ever.

Warning: do not park in The Grape parking lot on N. Highland Ave. Cuz in spite of a lack of decent signage and a totally empty parking lot, THIS will happen to YOUR car. And it will cost $50.00 to get it off. And now I will never, ever go to The Grape. Cuz they suck.

But! I am feeling particularly cheery this holiday season and so I’m not really worked up over the boot issue. I’m looking forward to a fabulous Christmas with lots of friends of family. It is so nice not to be running around shopping for gift after gift, gift wrap, etc. The few gifts we are giving out come from the heart, and we’ve put a lot of time and energy and love into them. Mostly, I am looking forward to sharing meals and coffee and laughter with the people that mean the most to me.

And it doesn’t hurt that my grades came in and they were…awesome. Not trying to brag, I’m just happy cuz I worked my butt off this past semester. So all the effort I put into grad school is well worth it!

2008 has been the Awesomest Year Yet. 2009… LeahandMark.com will really shine. Okay, lame-0 rhyming, I know… but I am truly, truly excited for the new year. Getting to know our many new friends better, getting married, continuing my grad school adventures, taking trips, sharing stories, evolving, evolving, evolving… so much to look forward to. So much to be thankful for right now.

Love to all and happy, happy holidays!!

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