Perfect Red King of Sulfur

Next year, I’m going to get a part time job. A few nights a week – the extra money will be useful and hopefully I can find something that’s not completely mindless (call center work) – of course, we’ll see right? Because it seems as though many people can’t find ANY jobs right now. But still, things will hopefully start to get better on the other side of January. (though I don’t really think it’ll be a noticeable difference until August…)

Of course, deep down I think I just want to work at a coffee shop again.

I’ve been working out a lot recently – and since I’m not as strict with my diet as I have been in the past, the hardest part is staying focused/motivated and not getting discouraged. Because it’s a lot harder to keep going when things don’t change overnight. Of course, I suppose it would go a lot faster if I stopped eating those sausage, egg & cheese biscuits + potatoes on the weekends. And with our trip back home with my mom’s cooking? Yeah. Next week will be a battle. But it could be worse ya know? Complaining that I can’t stop eating such good food is… well, like complaining you have too much money. One should just shut up.

And now… time for a commentary on the movie “Indigo” – relating to Indigo Children, and brought to you in the same vein of movies such as Conversations with God, and the Peaceful Warrior – except with about 1/100th of the budget and even less as far as acting ability. I know, you’re probably thinking, it can’t be that bad- oh but it is. Really. And it’s not entirely the actors’ fault – the script writing is on par with those skits you see in church performed by the youth group – not a bad thing about churches, just the scripts written for their ‘plays’ – oh, except the script writing for this movie is lower in quality – so even Ben Kingsley wouldn’t be able to pull off these lines.

Now, I’m not a total skeptic to the whole Indigo child phenomena or other things of that nature – I ama reiki practitioner – and even though I explain everything metaphysical with some basis in science, I recommend that no one ever see this Indigo movie. I recommend that even hard core believers not ever see this movie.

( ‘Metaphysical’ being an inaccurate/terrible term for lack of a better one.) Watch, here’s a clip:

But I did search YouTube for some ACTUAL Indigo children and came across this awesome clip.

This short clip was more entertaining and more truthful than the entire Indigo movie.

(Of course, that’s just my opinion.)

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