Tuesday Summit

  • Just waiting 3.5 weeks until we can fly out to Phoenix for Christmas!
  • Spreadsheet-ed the detailed budget until May. Saving sure does make you poor.
  • Yelp Holiday Party is tomorrow.
  • Returned/Cancelled the duplicate set of phones we ordered from AT&T – and it was truly no hassle. Amazing when compared to the actual AT&T store which had no clue… at all… and doesn’t seem to be anything but normal for them.
  • Yes. I had to get that petty knock in there.
  • Must not buy anymore electronic gadgets. I have too many.
  • As much as we are saving… there’s going to need to be a surprise road trip sometime in the early spring. Someplace. Road Trip! We need one…
  • We need to cook food at home more often.
  • Another person we know has been tagged to lose their job in the next few months. I think the unemployment rate among our twitter friends is… around 19% right now.
  • Sunday afternoons are the best.
  • I wish it was Sunday Afternoon.

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