Impact Winter

Happy Thanksgiving. Obviously I/we have a lot to be thankful for – we’re both doing well in school, our health is up, but most recently, I have a job. I have a great job. Close location, higher pay, interesting work, and good people. How things are now is just a stark contrast to how we would’ve felt if I was still unemployed. Money pressures of survival are gone and now it’s just trying to save up enough money for things that in the end we truly don’t need, and could do without.

And while it’s just a bit too early to do a review of everything that’s gone on in our lives this year… we’ve done a lot and have been through a great deal of change. This year was very different from last year. So different that it’s almost like at the end of last year, we decided to go ALL OUT during 2008 – and it shows.

If you’re one of our friends who reads this blog, chances are good that we met you in real life and gave you a friend card, or it was some other connection, and not that you stumbled upon us, and really, we’re thankful for all of our online friends whether through twitter, or just the .com – because while many out there do not understand how people can be so close through only an online connection… the rest of us know that the key component is the level and quality of communication – no matter the medium, whether on the phone, in person, or 140 character text messages.

Thank you all.

Leah Talking in the Dark with No Sound.

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  • [FUNG'KE] [BLAK] [CHIK] 27 Nov 08 at 3:22 pm

    Great pic & video!

    There are definitely extra reasons to be thankful this year! Enjoy your holiday!

  • Gabrielle 27 Nov 08 at 7:44 pm

    I love this video, and I think if I could read lips just a bit better, I’d know what Leah is saying, but I kind of like that I don’t – she gesticulates as wildly as do I.

  • Yogagirl 28 Nov 08 at 10:32 pm

    I love how she talks with her hands 🙂