Eppur si muove

Our new phones arrived last Friday and it’s been kind of fun just playing with all of the features that we never had on our old phones. What did we end up getting?

We each got a Samsung Eternity. 

While I will easily concede that the iPhone is a much more powerful Smartphone, for our uses and at our price, this is more than awesome (since the Eternity isn’t actually a Smartphone since it doesn’t run a real full on OS.)

The photo here to the left was taken with the phone today while we were at Rise & Dine for breakfast. 

Thanksgiving is this week and all of a sudden we’re much closer to the end of the year. It’s only a few weeks until we fly out to Phoenix for a week and then only a few more until we’re married. It’s moving fast.

The end of this year is shaping up to be much more than we had thought it would be just three weeks earlier. 

The budget is always tight (well, relatively speaking) and so there are some Christmas gifts that we are ‘making’ so we really need to get on top of those projects (but not in the same way that our SuperCute! friends make things.) 

On a different note, our friends Dallas and her husband Thomas are moving to Belgium in a few weeks – in December! That’s pretty awesome. They’re big time photo people but not only that, they carry their big DSLRs with huge lenses everywhere it seems and for someone like me who always has his camera – that’s pretty cool. I hope they really keep up with the blogging and photo-graphing during and after the move. 

Oh. You know what else is cool about our new phones? We can record video on them. I think for me that was a nice feature that helped me feel better about not getting a full-on smartphone. Video. See?

Ok. I didn’t say it was an interesting video. ๐Ÿ™‚ But this was taken at the birthday party of our fellow Twelper, Adam. I had brought my Canon point and shoot that night but the batteries were DEAD – and then I took photos with the phone but they sucked because I didn’t really know how to use it at the time. 

This is Leah and OneTwo. For those of you who are late (or new!) to the party that is our life here at LeahAndMark.com, our cats names are OneTwo and ThreeFour. Yes. Guess which one of us named them. (It wasn’t Leah.)

Again, a photo taken from our phones.

And if you follow us at all, you know that this is a regular pose. 

We met some awesome folks this week and gave them friend cards. So to any of them, hello! and it was nice to meet you – finally meet them in some cases since we’ve had the cool experience of meeting people only through our blog for a while and then a few months later, in real life. :-) 

Leah technically has this week off from classes – but she has a lot of assignments due the week after so she’s still busy and busy and busy with work – but of course saving the world takes a lot of time and effort. 

The weekend is coming to an end and I think for our circle of friends, it’s generally been quite good – in fact I think it really began back on Wednesday when we celebrated KatieW’s birthday with food and wine, and then of course Adam’s last Friday and I know they’ve been having a good time since then. 

Still. There are so many things that need to get done. This Wednesday Leah and I are at volunteering at StandUp for Kids for their Thanksgiving party (it’s the regular Wednesday night outreach, but holidays tend to attract many more kids.) And although the need for more volunteers persists, after having volunteered every week for most of a year… the choice to not volunteer on regular basis anymore is still something I’m reconciling with internally.

Oh yeah. This is a photo from the birthday party. Adam’s head on a body made of Bacon. Um. You have to understand, this is kind of a true representation of how much he loves bacon.

And since I don’t really want to end this post with that relatively disturbing image. Here’s more video. Again, breakfast at Rise & Dine – and in case you somehow missed the theme of our breakfasts… everywhere we go we just seem to LOVE egg/cheese/sausage biscuit sandwiches (well, Leah doesn’t get the meat on hers) – seriously. If you look through all of our breakfast photos… it’s often that plate order. Still. It’s SO GOOD.

Have and Awesome Sunday. Here comes Monday.

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  • Dallas 23 Nov ’08 at 5:10 pm

    Wow, there was a shout out to us totally hidden in this post. Thanks. I do look forward to taking a ton of photos throughout our time overseas, and hopefully I’ll be able to keep up with what’s going on back in Atlanta through your site.

  • Gabrielle 27 Nov ’08 at 5:39 pm

    I wish my cats cuddled like OneTwo. Oh, they cuddle, and Gladys is a champion spooner (!), but nothing quite like OneTwo’s favorite position. Immensely cute photo.