The Week Ahead

First. We’re not getting iPhones. We had planned on picking them up yesterday, but after re-crunching numbers and realizing some new upcoming expenses related to our wedding/honeymoon, the approximate extra $60 a month to our already increasing cell phone bills was simply too much to cover ($60 isn’t much, except when you’re already increasing by $50…) especially after considering the extra costs for the iPhones themselves. I know, those relatively small amounts caused us to not get the iPhone? Well, part of the issue is that with our wedding at the end of May, and our Honeymoon soon after, we have a compressed timeline in which we can actually come up with the money + having been unemployed for 2 months ate into some savings.

So an extra ~$600 makes a big difference. It all makes a difference right now.

Of course, we could bypass getting new phones and the added data plan and unlimited text messaging – but we’ve chosen an optimistic compromise which enables us to get the functionality of web/text/cool phone while also having lower monthly service costs. We’ll show you our new cool phones when we get them. (ha, because I know you’re dying to find out.)

I wanted to let anyone else out there planning on getting married about an idea we just came up with.

There are pre-made template ‘Wedding’ websites that handle the RSVP process and everything else of that nature – so you save a lot of time and effort first by making it very easy for people to RSVP, and then also not depending on those regular mail invitations – of course, that’s IF you’re even doing the traditional mail-back invitations like we are. The main drawback is the web address. For some reason many of them don’t have snappy sub-domain setups such as “” – and instead they’re often like “”.

How are you supposed to print that on a save the date or invitation? Even if it’s simple it’s just not cool or pretty.

So. We realized that we could just buy a domain name, and since we already pay for hosting for our blog, that we’d just ‘redirect’ that new domain name to that “” website. This makes things much easier and we can actually print a cool/snappy onto our save the dates and invitations.

So, I also realize that many people still don’t have their very own blogs proclaiming their greatness to the world like we do. Which means that they aren’t already paying for webhosting. So. If anyone getting married somehow stumbles upon our blog and wants to buy their domain name of choice (Just pay for the $10 cost of the domain) – I’ll redirect it to your private RSVP/Wedding site for free. No problem, no big deal.

Most of the wedding websites out there do offer ‘free’ versions that you can make, but again, you have that generic web address problem, and then they also have you pay for ‘webhosting’.

So hopefully that helps someone out.

Here comes Monday.

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