These Real Housewives of Atlanta?

Okay. I know. I’m pretty late in voicing any opinion on the show The Real Housewives of Atlanta. But Leah watched an episode the other day (as I throw her under the bus on this one…) and while I was able to put my earphones on the 1st time, I wasn’t able to block out the show during the 2nd and 3rd time… so.

While many people keep remarking about how outrageously unrealistic the show is and how it portrays both Atlanta and these women… I don’t really find much issue with the show.

However, my biggest problems with the show are that none of them actually live in Atlanta + the idea that they are somewhat “Elite” – and not only Elite – but that they are in the “Elite Social Circle” of Atlanta.

– Add that perception of “elite” with a statement made by one of them in one of the shows about how the upperclass/rich/elite society in Atlanta don’t really have any racial barriers and so you’ll see both black and white people together… it’s simply… completely incorrect.

But the difference is the fact that these women are all New Money – and they move in Social Circles where nearly everyone is Also New Money – and their behavior reflects that. The REAL Elite Social circles in Atlanta is comprised of families of Old Money (White people) – and having volunteered at some of the charity events in which True Atlanta Social Elite attend (i.e. persons with 100’s of millions of worth as opposed to the single digit millions that these women have) – there is little chance that I would ever see any of the women from that show attend any of these events where it’s important to be seen by… whoever.

(oh, and obviously I’m not elite since the only way I can get into any of these events is… by working them for free.)

So although these women on the show feel like they are movers and shakers and some sort of big deal – they barely register on any real scale in any social circles of worth in Atlanta.

Of course – debating the reality of the show is pointless – because they are doing their best to make it interesting – and obviously at their own cost. Reality shows aren’t reality and everyone plays their part to make it watchable… well… watchable is different for each person.

Also – no matter what, it’s still kind of cool to see Atlanta locations on the show – and I would still be nice to any of them in person – because I’m sure it’s fun to have your own tv show for whatever reason.

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  • Sydney 10 Nov 08 at 4:36 pm

    I totally agree with you. I don’t live in Atlanta, but I can see that these women aren’t anything special when it comes to “elite society” as they claim to be a part of. At DeShawn’s fundraiser, they didn’t make a dime. They basically “made even” as her husband stated. Now, if they were really part of “elite society” they would of made some money. Maybe not the million DeShawn was hoping for, but at least something. And NeNe acts like complete trash, after the incident at Sheree’s house she was cussing up a storm outside, not classy. And not something someone from “elite society” would do. Also, NeNe talks way too much trash, even about her oldest friend, Kim. These women aren’t what they claim to be, yet the show is entertaining nonetheless.

  • One Rotten Egg 21 Nov 08 at 1:42 pm

    O.k…I get the comments…What I don’t get is why you create this whole commentary about a show you don’t like?!

    (I LOVE Real Housewives of Atlanta; don’t live there and I’m sure everyone knows these women are not “elite”).

    Stil, I agree with your comments (throwing you a bone for your troubles).

    One rotten Egg.