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Nothing too insightful today – big concerns are happening so just this video right now.

Me eating bits of frog at a restaurant mid-way up the mountain at the Lonji Rice Terraces – not quite sure if they just buy bags of assorted frog parts and throw them into the stir-fry, but it did seem like I had most of a complete frog in there… well, I don’t think I had the head – but I did have legs, and body and most interestingly, the hands – and the hands weren’t cut up – more like they were cut off at the wrist and thrown in. So you could definitely seem the ‘hand’ shape and then feel the cartilage like bone move around in your mouth… actually, it was exactly like you would imagine eating a little hand, with the skin, ligaments and bones.

Still. You’ll see the relatively narrow pathways along the mountain and then I think you can get a good sense of the steep drop off sometimes… but when you’re up there… you don’t really think about that too much – you just… keep going up.

The video skips less if you let it fully load then play it.

Lonji Rice Terraces

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  • anna love 22 Oct 08 at 8:55 pm

    all this animal death on your page makes me sad. and want to throw up a little bit.
    … what about a vegan potato soup night homage? what, my food isn’t good enough to make it on your big page? huh?! i just won’t cook for you ever again!

    … jk, of course.

  • leah 23 Oct 08 at 1:18 pm

    I know, right? Mark is such a carnivore. Gawd. I lover your potato soup, Nanners! And I’ve been dreaming about the brie apricot dish. Jeezus and Beezus, I want it right NOW!