Evidence of Things Not Seen

Because I’ve been attempting to write an entry but have failed miserably – bullet point thoughts today.

  • We’re going to Dialogue in the Dark today.
  • A degree of anxious energy is collecting in my throat and upper chest – my breath is gone.
  • – It’s from this whole no job, worrying about money situation – and how long it’s been going on
  • The Movie ATL with T.I. in it – is much better than I thought it would be, but maybe it’s just nice to see those parts of Atlanta since they’re right around the corner – well, some of them. Others? Like I’ve ever spent a lot of time in Mechanicsville (no, I haven’t.)
  • Does talking about how you have lots of homework – help to get it done? Because in my head, I’ve talked about homework a lot – and while I’m keeping my head above water – the tide is coming in.
  • – (While that last part might sound good, I’m not sure it actually makes sense)
  • Quit coffee? I’ve stopped trying.
  • It’s Sunday and I’m not nearly as up or optimistic or any of those things I talked about last week.
  • Of course. I haven’t really been fighting or struggling to survive – or any of those inspirational metaphors that people use to describe how they’ve picked themselves up out of whatever hole they find themselves in.
  • – I suppose I’ll need to start. Again.
  • Because change isn’t always a staircase.
  • – Sometimes it’s a free fall – and other times it’s like… I’m out of metaphors.

Watch this one.

    It’s just a moment of weakness.

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