A Change is Gonna Come

Fridays come rolling around and opposite of feeling relieved that it’s the weekend, instead I get this anxious lump in my throat as thoughts of the past week come up. Generally stemming from the fact that I haven’tdone that much this week – or any of the other ones either. So when Friday comes along, with the weekend knocking and everyone else escaping their jobs… it’s just another day for me.

Still. Some good leads have come up and the good fight is raging. Well. More like… (actually, I’m out of metaphors here.)

We watched the VP Debate last night at our friend Tulie’s house. This is the first Presidential election in which I’m able to vote (I only became a U.S. citizen a year and half ago) and while I am often times apathetic to many things in general (well you know, toappearapathetic is cool… okay not really, it’s more just a silly self defense against being disappointed) -it’s difficult for me to accept anyone making statements in which they say they don’t care about the whole thing. Partly because you know they are often the ones who complain the most afterwards – either way.

I also have a hard time with any opinion which leads the person to consider Sarah Palin as anything more than unqualified. [insert as many negative statements on Palin that I cannot articulate]

I am not fearful of the people who will vote for McCain. I am worried about the people who are swayed by Sarah Palin. If she is the reason they are voting for McCain and he wins the election – I cannot describe the contempt I will feel for this group of people who will inevitably deny ever having voted for McCain/Palin in a few years when they impressively fail. While McCain once had the ability (sharp mind) to do the things he has claimed in his campaign, he no longer possesses that ability, and neither he nor Palin have the clout to persuade and successfully deal with both houses of Congress – let alone serious foreign powers.

I don’t mind anyone voting for McCain (well, actually I do) – but I can only think negatively towards those who are persuaded to vote for McCain because Sarah Palin is his running mate. And I will hold it against you.

But you can make it better if you buy me lots and lots of beer.

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  • Tulie 3 Oct 08 at 9:54 am

    It was fun Mark, thanks for coming! I am twittering btwn Cypress of staying home again..I can’t wait. yesterday’s debate did leave me alitte unsatisfied. I didn’t feel much passion in the debates, more like advertising for their running mates, but I have to admit,since my expecations of Palin was so low, she actually did descently to me.

  • Tulie 3 Oct 08 at 11:31 am

    oh and congrats for the ability to Vote this year! Voting is a privelege that many of us forget, you are going to be apart of history my friend!

  • Yogagirl 3 Oct 08 at 5:39 pm

    yep. those are the types of photos I was talking about yesterday 🙂 So relevant to the world today too no? A tangled freakin’ messssss. And “word” on the political post..you articulated what I have been feeling so well. I used to really like John McCain and I am a democrat so that is saying a lot. When he ran against Bush in 2000? He was outspoken, hot headed, a straight talker, and awesome. Now he’s like a muzzled old dog..can’t even bark anymore. With or without lipstick. 🙂

  • [fung'ke] [blak] [chik] 4 Oct 08 at 7:21 pm

    that is a great photo!

    i’m not sure if anyone told palin she was actually supposed to ‘debate’ instead of reading off of her cards….