There are probably a few questions you have for me. I know. And I will try to answer some of them now. For example:

Mark, you are a really, really great person – especially considering the fact that you volunteer every week to help homeless and at risk youth in the Atlanta area + you have been unemployed for over a month now.

I agree. No just kidding. That’s not even a question. And no one is asking it. (Of course, I really should say, no one is making that statement.) And actually, it’s much easier to volunteer time when you don’t have a job to get in the way. Like I always said back when I had to go to work everyday – my job gets in the way of my life. Seriously. I think most of us agree (except you people wholoveyour job – whatever, go be happy on someone else’s blog – no just kidding. That’s cool.)

Ok. This week. Seriously. Back on the job hunt trail again. I had taken a break because ummm… well, because the same jobs that were out there 3 weeks ago were basically the ones that were out there 2 weeks ago, and so on + there were just more interesting projects to work on. But I suppose… Let’s get to it again. Of course, there is also that mentality that I need to find the ‘right’ job and so I should… do other productive things right now, like ummmm, work on spiritual and inner-self problems – which really, I mean, if ever there was a convenient time for that, now would be it while I’m living off of the system and unemployment checks.

So. Let’s see how this works. I need a guitar. Nothing fancy of course, just something I can learn with. Practice. And that doesn’t sound too poor. Although, I suppose as long as it can be tuned, I should be okay. Oh, and acoustic too. Clearly I can’t pay too much, but if you have a guitar just sitting around, not being used – (and you’re willing) – let me know and I’ll come pick it up and start learning to play. Serious. Um. Serious about being serious too.

These photos? By our friend Sean (who actually lives… 1/4 of a mile down the street) – and part of the reason why there are rarely any photos of me (Mark!) is because… well the 1st reason is that I’m always the one behind the camera, but the 2nd reason is that I just don’t like most photos of me – and yeah, y’all might say that about yourselves while I nonstop take photos of you, but I have the camera and you don’t! So – yeah, I just don’t like too many taken of me – but I do like these, and I do like most of Sean’s work. He’ll downplay the quality of his photos and of his own skills, but unlike myself – he doesn’t just get lucky shots every now and then. These were taken… last night (Tuesday) at the Yelp Elite event at Woodfire Grill.

I wanna be prolific. In something. I should get started.

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  • Yogagirl 2 Oct 08 at 4:30 pm

    These are very nice. I’m always curious though if the ‘blurring’ effect is done in camera or in photoshop after the fact..cuz if they are in camera? I am not worthy. How do you do that? Moving on….

    Mark, I always enjoyed your self portrait photos on the old Mark.Rox site. I know you say you don’t like many photos of yourself but you always had the eye to make those photos “pop”…whether it be the pose, the color, the lighting, whatever. You are (both) actually amazingly photogenic 🙂

  • [fung'ke] [blak] [chik] 4 Oct 08 at 7:23 pm

    I definitely agree with the comment above, both of you are extremely photogenic!

  • Yuna 6 Oct 08 at 8:11 pm

    That first picture of Leah blew me away! So natural and beautiful!

  • Broderick - foto 404 6 Oct 08 at 10:46 pm

    Sean’s photos are awesome, aren’t they? It was great meeting you both last week. I’d love to come volunteer with you sometime. I’ve done very little volunteering since I moved here 6 years ago and need to step it up.