An Interesting Possibility

Concurrent with the recent bank failures in the financial markets… last night I started to really consider the possibility that I may not find a new job for quite some time. Of course, I’m still searching, and hoping that I do get hired soon – however, since my unemployment has come through and I’ve been approved for 26 weeks of half of my former salary… the realization that Leah and I could both NOT have full time jobs for a few months…. that’s really interesting. Well. It’s more like a challenge.

Mostly because while all this free time is nice, we’re still busy. I still have things to do, and other projects to work on and Leah of course, has Grad school + her own part time job + we both have StandUp every Wednesday night… But the most challenging part is that since our most basic living expenses are sort of covered (as in, we aren’t going to be homeless), now it’s coming up with the additional funds so that we can meet our financial objectives. Because even though we both do not have day jobs, we still have a wedding to finish planning and a honeymoon in Belize to pay for.

I know. We could feasibly adjust our plans but… there’s still a lot of time, and I still have a lot I can do. So while I’ve stopped truly worrying about getting that next job, I’m shifted focus on the other projects.

Still. The idea that BOTH of us aren’t working day jobs and we’re getting by and could feasibly still meet these financial objectives? I’ll have to not think about this too much. Hey. It’s Tuesday. I don’t think AIG will make it to next Monday without filing for bankruptcy. The current market situation and financial failings is impressive and awesome in the worst way.

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  • GirlShawn 16 Sep 08 at 10:48 am

    From the picture… I thought you had gotten a job at a Slaughterhouse.

    I think I have an ambien hangover.

  • Gabrielle 20 Sep 08 at 3:48 pm

    Not sure if you’re looking for “a” job or “the” job, but I’ve mentioned it before, and I shall mention it again: – they hire all the time, and if you have some good IT experience and/or programming, you could get a $40,000 job without much difficulty. Just a thought. There are plenty of jobs out there, you just have to know where to look. I can’t remember your specialty or education right now, but you should definitely go look at the current postings.

  • Loren 22 Sep 08 at 7:26 pm

    I want to go next time you guys go !!! I want to eat the supposedly dirty food ! lol
    We’ll all go next time and it’ll be Leah&Mark and then Loren&???. Wait a minute, OK take me to China but first me a boyfriend! lol 😛