Monday Start Up!

What’s the count? Even I forget… today is day 26 without a job. Wow. How time flies when… in general.

I have A LOT to do today, and I probably shouldn’t be blogging right now – but then I rationalized it to myself that I wouldn’t have been ultra productive at this time of day anyways and I need to operate on that um, 80/20 pareto principle where ummm, ah nevermind. But still. So. Let’s get things off to a good start this week, because who knows what’s up coming. I MIGHT even get a job. But until then, I just have to keep doing more of what we’re doing these days… which is actually meeting A LOT of people. Just here and there. Coffee shops, parties. Handing out friend-cards like they’re candy – in a good way though. I’ve probably never been so open and friendly in my life.

I have a lot of general plans in my head and we have these travel/tour guide brochures lying around the house. It’s crazy motivation/reminders of… that side of things that we’re still trying for – you know, along with the daily grind of Leah’s grad school, my job search, paying bills, hanging out and drinking coffee – we still want to get out of here for long stretches at a time and circle a country for a month. (India/Nepal is on our short list for next.)

Oh. And I think I’m going to give up meat until I find a job. Man.I hope I find a job soon.

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  • Tulie 15 Sep 08 at 11:30 am

    WHAT GIVE UP MEAT?? Ridiculous.. you are crazy..stop the crazy talk.

  • Loren 17 Sep 08 at 12:26 pm

    *grumble grumble* My juice fast is going ummm great ! Why does this laptop smell like chicken tho ? lol

    Mark I’ll be praying for you .. You we know better than most how difficult this economy for many people.

    You and Leah are beautiful souls and Im sure whomever your Most High may be won’t keep u in this for long!

    We’re rooting for you ! 😛