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August 2008

DragonCon Parade Video!

Well. Here is the video we took of the DragonCon Parade yesterday morning. We were positioned at the very beginning of the parade route so we saw most of the people – except we were about 10 minutes late due to a MARTA train being stuck on the tracks (of course, if we were hardkore we would’ve been there like 30 minutes early with our spot staked out with our folding chairs.) Still, for anyone who hasn’t ever seen the parade, this gives you a good idea of what it’s like –

And yeah… I think I’ve said this every year so far – but next year I wanna go to DragonCon… and next year we just might actually go.

DragonCon Parade 2008 – from on Vimeo.

DragonCon. Saturday. Friends.

So. Since the losing of my job went down (where’d it go?!) we’ve been looking for free things to do – as opposed to just staying home and watching our terribly pixelated cable from Comcast (we dislike Comcast! – ha, I said dislike.) ummm oh yeah, so we gathered up our friends (well, Chris & Anna) hopped onto MARTA and went to downtown Atlanta for the DragonCon Parade.

For everyone else not living in Atlanta or not in any way aware of ‘fandoms’ – DragonCon is a big big big convention for… I think all fandoms? You know, like SciFi fans, Anime Fans, Weird Fetish Fans, Furry People (well… not like, hairy people – just the people who wear animal costumes (mascot costumes) and ummmm… get into that mode of acting like animals?) – and many other types of fandoms that I’m sure I’m not aware of – but really, it’s just an excuse for people who don’t get to wear their movie/cartoon/video game costumes anywhere else – to meet each other and say things like, ‘cool costume’ blah blah blah oh man the Original Series Klingons just don’t look anywhere near as cool as the ones from TNG. And by the way, Jean Luc will always be better than Kirk. But I’d totally rather be a BrownCoat ’cause um, that’s Shiny – however I find it odd that I enjoy GiTS on the same level as anything from Miyazaki – ARRRRRR Matey.

(see what I did there?… nevermind.)

So… then we slept. For a long time I think – and then later in the evening we went to a gathering at the home of our new friends Laxmi & Chuck – for some Indian food and hanging out. She’s from India and we actually met them at the sad sad sad Indian Festival a few weeks back. They were in front of us in line and started a short conversation – but then later on, Leah ran into them again and we ended up giving them one of our friend cards and ta-da! New Friend. See how that works?

Of course – they live faaaaaaaaaaaar away – but still, it was a good gathering and we met so many nice people and hopefully some of them will check up on us every now and then and drop a line. Hello!

This concludes the free events portion of our weekend… well, of yesterday. I have some video of the parade and even cut & pasted it together… but the program I was using couldn’t adequately handle the video quality and… it just came out poorly – so I’ll have to make the move to Premier now for real editing… Have an awesome day this Sunday and I promise no more breaks in posts like the 3 day break we just had (I know – but it’s a big deal for me to not posts these meandering… posts.)

*oh and totally sorry Gabrielle! I forgot and we’ll definitely do something else another time. 🙂

Oh. And we are really going to try to go to DragonCon next year.

One more thing – thank you to everyone who’s said nice/encouraging comments to me and even offered to help out/keep their ears open/pass on job positions at their current companies… and keep it up! no really, thank you for all of your efforts now and later until I find a new job. It’s all very much welcome and appreciated – and in some instances, the efforts you’ve gone to so far have been much more than I could possibly ask for up front. So thankyouverymuch.

I’ve been ‘Let Go’

As the title of this entry suggests, I’ve been let go from my job. Laid off. (Although I have never liked that term.) It happened yesterday afternoon around 1:30pm, relatively non-eventful and without any dramatic scenes. Basically, since I had changed departments a few weeks earlier and hadn’t ever unpacked my boxes – I grabbed the two of them, walked to my car and drove off – after deleting all of the junk I could from my work computer – mostly loose files that don’t mean anything to anyone except myself – just in time too because the IT guys arrived right after I had logged off…

Of course this isn’t my first time losing my job due to the industry/slowdown/company troubles. However, this one is slightly more inconvenient. Plus I’m not getting anywhere near the same amount of severance. I will say that telecommuting, and being a bit stubborn has helped in that I was paid ALL of my vacation time – even though arguably I wasn’t in the office for almost 6 weeks this year – but nothing’s on paper, and in the end I always completed my job duties. Although not much, the vacation pay helps greatly.

So while there is that initial stress of ‘not having a job’ – I can’t freak out yet. Not yet. I’m waiting on 2.5 jobs to get back to me with an answer so I’ve at the very least got to get through the weekend without freaking out. And still – it’s like red alert around here. Cost cutting measures and reduction. With real efforts towards curbing spending and such, we’ll be fine for at least two months – and that’s if I do NOTHING during that whole time (which obviously will not be the case.)

But I’m awake again today at 4:30am because I feel like I have to keep to my normal schedule… If I do not keep myself busy I will fall into that slump, that depression or overwhelming high anxiety that I suppose some people get after something like this happens.

And yet, we still went to our regular Wednesday night StandUp for Kids outreach – where we work/counsel/provide food and hygiene packs to at risk, about to be homeless and homeless RIGHT NOW kids. And although it’s very easy to become disillusioned with them, with their no action and lack of progress – lately I’ve been working with two youths whom I actually connect with. They live in an abandoned school which I’m sure is quite condemned. It’s been raining a lot here lately and I know the place leaks and floods badly. They didn’t even have flashlights until I gave them a few last night.

And while they may have made some unwise choices such as leaving their parents (which in cases like these is always a difficult call since MANY parents truly are that awful) – they are not like so many of the other kids. At least to me. They communicate. They don’t have that ungrateful attitude of entitlement that many other streetkids present (and I’m not saying that I don’t understand the facades that many have to take on). I simply feel like these two genuinely appreciate the help I give them, and are not taking advantage of the system that to a degree does enable their lifestyle.

Sure they have to turn some corners such as getting their birth certificates so that they can get an ID so that they can get jobs – but that’s in the works… and we’ll see how that actually goes. However until they let me down – but more importantly themselves down – I am left with thinking about them going back to that abandoned school that’s been flooded by the rain, and sleeping there at night.

That was yesterday.