Indie Crafts & Va-Hi SummerFest!


So today was our big day outside. After a meeting with our new landlords, we hopped onto MARTA and headed toward Centennial Olympic Park. Let’s say today was hot. Let’s say it was even hotter downtown by about 10 billion degrees due to the concrete which absorbs and reflects heat all back into my human body. Oh man. That was awesome. It was just… hot. But there were a lot of vendors with booths – especially for a crafts fair – so that was nice to see. There were a lot of interesting artifacts that really showed off peoples’ creativity and craftiness! We even bought some junk. But yeah… we actually got there at 12noon and with the sun overhead – we were on our way back home at 12:45.




Okay. We took A LOT of photos today and rather than just saying go to our Flickr if you want to see them (because even I don’t really do that) – I’ll just post them all under the cut. Which like MelissaMaples recently said, defeats the whole purpose of reading people’s entries on your flist (LJ!) or rss reader. But there are just too many photos that I’m about to post in this entry and it’s going to explode the length of the page. And while there is more ‘print’ to read – I’m sure that what I’m going to type is not nearly as enthralling as say… well, actually I always think it’s interesting because I type like I talk – and we all like to hear ourselves talk! Come on, check it all out under the cut.

After the Indie Crafts Expo we stopped by the CNN center – now this is an odd thing for me. Mainly because apparently it’s a tourist attraction. They give tours for $12 and you can see ummm… a lot I suppose. But they also have a pretty excellent food court (as far as mall food courts go!) so we got some food before hopping back onto MARTA! (When I heard what MARTA really stands for, I cracked up laughing.) But anyways, here’s our food – oh, and I LOVE IT how Chinese food court spots always have BOURBON chicken – and that’s what I ALWAYS order.


This is of course Leah’s Pizza – without meat.


And then back onto MARTA! (oh, since I’m sure you can simply google the joke about what MARTA really stands for, I’ll type it out here – Well… ummm… this isn’t MY joke… it’s other people’s joke – you know, bad people who are lesser than the rest of us: MARTA stands for Moving Africans Rapidly Through Atlanta – maybe it’s funnier if you’ve been on MARTA… although obviously I rarely see actual Africans on MARTA so I have no idea what the joke is talking about.) It actually stands for Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority.


Okay. From this point on we’re just gonna have picture after picture posted on down the page – with minimal discussion. See you at the end!

Bypassing all the festival codes/fees – this kid had his refreshment stand a few hundred feet before you got to the actual festival – and yes, I did buy one of the waters.



I don’t really know what my hair is doing these days. It just stands up now kind of… poofy even.

I didn’t know she was doing that as I took the photo.


The Orange Escaped.


I saw this kid coming down the street and I raced to get my camera out of my pocket. I caught this angle.

Another lucky shot – Leah and I both saw this kid try to punch his dad/this guy – after they passed we both had a conversation about how if our kids ever tried to hit us – that’d nearly be the end of them! They just wouldn’t ever try that again.



It looks like these two are making some sort of signal… but she’s just pushing her sunglasses up and he’s scratching his arm.

And now, if you’ve made it this far… well… you’re awesome! But then also, this last photo was actually from our earliest stop of the day – but that’s for later in the week when we start cooking.

Have an awesome Weekend!

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  • Little Miss Moi 8 Jun ’08 at 2:12 am

    I hope you wore lots of sun screen! All the little kids look so bothered.

  • lauren 8 Jun ’08 at 10:52 am

    love the pictures 🙂 i was one of the vendors at the indie craft experience and i had to stay in that heat from 9-6:30 🙁 it was awful!

  • Brenna 8 Jun ’08 at 2:02 pm


    Thanks for the comment and the congrats. You have a pretty cool blog here! Awesome pictures.


  • Rachel B. 8 Jun ’08 at 8:16 pm

    I went to the Indie Craft Experience. It was so hot! One of my college sorority sisters had a booth by the name of The Family Chicken. She does fabric paintings, vases, and these cute little sachets she calls “geets.” I stayed long enough to buy a necklace, but I had to get out of that heat. It was so bad I stopped in at the Carvel store and just stood there for ten minutes (and then bought an ice cream cone). I wanted to go to Summerfest today, but my husband was being antisocial. Looked like a fun time!

  • Mindy 9 Jun ’08 at 2:02 pm

    I want to know what’s behind door number three…Tell me, Tell me!

  • Valentina 9 Jun ’08 at 5:34 pm

    Really nice photos, Mark! They’re awesome. I miss ATL…while you guys are cryin’ thanks to hotness, I’m glancing at a very rainy and chilly day…booooo! We could exchange half-days, hehehehe! Say hi to Leah!