Friday Night Dinner @ The Mom’s

As part of our continuing effort to not be home in the dreaded 90 degree house (only half – so don’t worry, our cats One-Two and Three-Four can cool off if they want to also – but we can’t get them to stay in the ‘cool’ rooms, they like to lie still on the floor in the steaming kitchen or living room) – we decided to visit Leah’s mom up in Sandy Springs. It’s between where I work in Alpharetta, and where Leah works on Briarcliff just north of Virginia-Highlands. Her mom just got her left knee completely replaced but she’s back from the hospital.

And as much as I may have wanted to take a picture of her mom in all her recovering glory – I’m sure that’s not the fastest way to keep my future mother-in-law on my side! So. Pictures of everything else! The house! And of course, the food!

On the menu tonight – Spaghetti & bread & salad – prepared by Leah’s-Mom’s friend, Bonners (Bonnie). Bonners delivered it earlier in the day and Leah heated the stuff back up for dinner (well, she cooked the noodles and heated the rest up). The sauce was extra meaty and flavorful – so Leah being the vegetarian that she is, was unable to have some – too bad. It was REALLY good.

This is yellow cake made using a bundt-form and of course, chocolate frosting.

Leah prepared the setting for her mom who had slowly made her way to the living room from the bed in which she had spent most of the day. The salad was pretty good too – I hear.

Now, Leah’s parents are Southern. They’re from here and have lived here all their lives – and their house looks like it could be in a country home design magazine. It was very different from what I was used to back in Phoenix – this stuff just doesn’t look as good when it’s in a house made of styrofoam, chiken wire, and stucco.

That’s a picture of Leah there on the wall. Oh and look, this is our Christmas picture hanging on the fridge.

So Leah’s mom is healing and recovering and starts physical therapy really soon. After leaving her parents house in Sandy Springs, we drove all the way down to Cabbagetown and met up with Anna in her new home! Remember last week when we helped them with their midnight move out of the apartment with dangerous crazy landlords? Well they left Grant Park and moved into Cabbagetown – and it’s much nicer and cooler all around. But it’s late now and that’ll have to wait until tomorrow morning.

This week has gone by steadily and although I was trying to not look forward to the weekend too much (that whole ‘living in the now’ and being more ‘present’ thing…) it was really hard. But here we are! It’s the weekend and we’re free to do everything we want… and to not do everything we don’t want to do!

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  • kirin 7 Jun 08 at 4:46 am

    Hi! Thanks for visiting & leaving your comment at my site.
    You guys look fun & nice.
    I can see that you like eating 🙂

  • Nichole 7 Jun 08 at 5:33 pm

    Hey, so are you trying to save $$ or do you not have central air conditioning?
    Gah. I don’t miss the south. Our last power bill in Houston was almost $500 for our 2700 sq. foot
    monstrosity of a house that we didn’t need…..can you belive that? A/C was an evil necessity..on from about
    April until the first cold front in October. 24/7…and set permanently at 75 degrees. Crazy.