It’s Only Thursday? It’s too hot! Let’s Eat!

Amazingly, today isn’t/wasn’t as hot as Tuesday and Wednesday (nights) – those were hot days – especially in our house. I’m not lying because it’s a proven fact. Currently we live in only half of the house – mostly the bedroom and then the middle room (office). The kitchen is unbearable since there’s no ventilation and we never put up curtains to cover the windows, compounding the heat is the gas stove that’s making it artificially hotter on top of things – basically it’s an impressive room cooker.

The living/dining room is too big to even attempt to cool off – so we just have fans in there blowing right on us when we try to watch tv and sweat through our clothes. I would take a picture of that – because I know it sounds hot (it’s really not meant to be a pun) but no, not this time. However, I did take a thermometer reading of each section!

This is the Kitchen:

Each marker is 5 degrees – so that’s around 92 degrees! It was quite the experience last night when I was cooking food in there on top of that, dripping sweat… I don’t think I’ll be cooking at all any later than 8am at the latest. But at least in the two rooms that we can adequately cool – it’s generally around 78 degrees + fans blowing – so we’re okay sleeping at night.

Oh. So. Leah stayed home tonight and decided that we needed to go get some mediterranean food – and what better place to get it from than Mediterranean Grill! (Actually – it’s generally good, cheap food that’s close by, so it’s a winning choice most of the time.)

Baba Ganouj!

Chicken Kabob Sandwich (wrap) and Leah’s Falafel Sandwich:

It’s been a few months since we’ve eaten here and we really haven’t been having much mediterranean/greekish type of food at all lately so that was a good dinner. – We held off getting the whole ‘meal/combo’ since they only add a loser salad and then some ‘greek’ potatoes – and the potatoes are alright to have once – but after that, they’re really just filler and not worth the calories.

In the same complex is a natural foods store called Rainbow Natural Foods. It’s basically the idea of Whole Foods – but without the corporate-ness of the whole thing and still that grass roots/ co-op feeling.


They also sell lots of honey. 🙂

Tomorrow is Friday – that’s so awesome – and then we’re at the weekend. Ready to go out and… sleep in, not spend money (trying hard!) and just relax (except for the homework stuff). I like our weekends, we always find something to do – at least one adventure per weekend, it’s like a rule now. Right? Right. But maybe that’s just us since we’re so used to looking for them these days.

Oh. I have more to post but really, for once this week I’m going to sleep before midnight.

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