A General Stroke of Randomness

29 May ’08

Whoa. It’s slowly been getting warmer and warmer here in Atlanta. We’re moving to our new apartment in Inman Park in about a month and we just can’t wait! The place is great but the location is even more fun. Especially after growing up deep in the suburbs of west Phoenix – we’re talking 91st ave when it was the edge of town and to the west was corn fields as far as you could see.

I really like living here in Atlanta. Like a lot. So much that I’ll use like in three sentences in a row.

It’s been even more fun since I/we actually started being more social and hanging out the yelp crowd – just like I like it – many acquaintances with no commitment so none of that being obligated to friends (that’s just me – Leah’s on the waaaaay other side of the spectrum.) So it’s awesome. Plus – they like food. Plus – they LOVE bacon.

*****Warning: Nerd Topic Approaching!!!*****

Even though I was never really all that great at it – I kind of miss cosplaying. (Note: my cosplaying pretty much consisted of choosing a character that doesn’t wear a shirt and was some variation of a warrior/fighter/monster/samurai – so it was always relatively easy – not like our famous-top-secret-ex-cosplay-still-current-friends who totally rocked more than your face!) I am really considering going to THIS and actually cosplaying – I’ll probably just start out easy and do an updated variation of my generic samurai – really, this mostly just entails me getting back into shape. But come on – almost four months of time? It’s a lock. Especially if I continue with the CrossFit workouts + diet.

And now that I just spoke of working out: Cupcakes!

Leah got me these for my birthday back in March. Yes. They were as great as they look – only slightly better – as you can see we couldn’t even wait to take a picture before tearing into them.

Oh. That watermelon up top? We’ve kept it in the refrigerator and it’s seriously just F’in awesome on a hot day. Slice by slice I just cut into when I get back from the gym and it’s better than anything. Well, not better than ice cream but obviously that would defeat everything.

Almost Friday.

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