Little Five Points (L5P if you’re cool)

Yesterday we hung out with Leah’s brother and went down to Little Five Points. We currently live about five miles east, and we hardly ever make it over there to just walk around amongst all of the tattooed hipsters with actual ‘cred’, the gluttons of wannabes, and then everyone else – it’s the sort of place where when the Starbucks opened up a few years ago – someone (who I’m sure saw Fight Club too many times) threw a rock through the window and forced the opening to be postponed – the Starbucks is still there, and it’s still busy.

After hanging out in Junkman’s Daughter – we had planned on eating at the Vortex, but silly us, it was Saturday night and the herd of people were already corralled in the little fenced in box they have out front – with no seats, the people are just out there looking like… they’re sheep and Babe the pig closed the gate. But the burgers are good there and I suppose if you’re up for standing like herded cattle for an hour +, then sure why not.

We decided to eat across the street at the Brewhouse Cafe which actually has the best patio in L5P. It was appropriately packed but we weren’t in a rush so it worked out. I had never eaten there before but I can see why the patio is always filled whenever we drive by on the weekends. It’s right on the corner and when the weather’s nice, there really isn’t a better spot to have lunch or dinner in the area.

Today we’re going to a Cinco-de-Drinko party and then… I have homework. It’s been a great weekend so far and tomorrow starts the week. I fly out to Phoenix later in the week for my brother’s graduation (he’s getting his Physics degree) and I’ll get to see some friends back in Arizona. I hope it’s hot! I want to feel the oven heat of the desert and see the rocks and desert scenery. At least I’ll get a short roadtrip in with the drive up to NAU (Northern Arizona University) where my brother goes to school. It’ll also be nice to see my family – including my grand parents while I’m there.

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