Atlanta Photographer School

Atlanta Photographer School

You want to be a photographer. You’ve searched online and found all of the workshops and classes out there. But how do you go from learning photography (the art and skill) to being a photographer making a living DOING PHOTOGRAPHY?


I’m Mark Tioxon.

These days I’m 93% less arrogant, and 47% less obnoxious – but 1,000% better at helping others learn how to become photographers.

I had to fall down very hard to get here.

You don’t have to.

First and Most Important Tip: Don’t be a F*cken asshole like I have been.

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We used to operate one of the largest wedding photography internships in the country. Every three months we took on 10 new interns, ran them ragged and taught them more than they ever realized they learned. Sometimes it stuck, sometimes it didn’t sink in until months later – and it was definitely a unique experience for everyone, every time. I don’t offer the internship anymore and I only rarely offer one-on-one photography business coaching – but buried in this ‘wedding photography‘ website is a library of photography-business information. Tips, Tricks, and Advice that I used to grow the business.

Last year I photographed 53 weddings. This year (2015) I have 42 on the books – and I won’t even work 6 months of the year.

So maybe, just maybe some of my advice works – and you might find some of it useful for yourself as well.

I used to work 12 months of the year photographing weddings. That was madness. So I changed everything and now I work half the year photographing weddings, and half the year… traveling and… not photographing anything for work.

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Atlanta Photographer School


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Atlanta Photographer School


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