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Hi! I’m the Leah in LeahAndMark & Co.

I love people – working with people, getting to know people, talking to people, taking photos of people.  I have my Master’s degree in Social Work (community, not clinical!) and I worked for a number of inspiring nonprofit organizations before becoming a full-time photographer.

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In 2005, I met this weirdly cool guy and fell madly in love. And I do mean madly. Mark makes me craaaaaaaazy and together we do lots of crazy/awesome things. I love our life and I love the future we’re planning. We’re both destined for greatness, and hopefully we won’t chicken out on our way there. I guess that’s why we have each other, to keep on going when things get tough… and to celebrate with when awesomeness abounds!

I love to travel, I love to eat, and I really, really love doing what I can to make people’s lives a little more joyful. My heart guides most of the choices I make, sometimes against the wishes of my head. I can be impulsive, but I’m also a planner. Sometimes I’m a walking contradiction, but I know who I am and I usually have a pretty good idea of where I’m headed. I thrive on diversity, on change, on the causes I’m passionate about, and I’m a sucker for a sappy Publix commercial.

Life is for living. With intention. With joy. With love. Mark and I are creating the life we want, on our own terms. And if I have my say, we’ll make the world a little better in the process.

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