Atlanta Photographer | | Photography Internship Season SevenWe’re Leah and Mark. We have the best photography internship in the country.

Every three months we take on a batch of roughly 8-10 photography interns.  We started out asking for just two interns, but we received applications from so many talented photographers that we realized we had a chance to create something more than a simple internship.

Our internship is unpaid and free. However, if you are our intern and you do not work hard, then you will not be our intern anymore. It’s simple. We don’t force or convince anyone to be our intern – but if you decide to be one, then we ask that you work hard and push yourself for the three short months.

Our interns come from many different backgrounds and some of them even have their photography degrees from schools such as the Savannah College of Art & Design (SCAD), Georgia State University, and a host of other photography programs at ‘technical’ schools. Some are working professionals with 40 hour a week jobs while other interns are working mothers trying to balance their already busy and complicated lives.

One of the key aspects of our photography internship is that we make it a point to teach our interns the marketing ideas and methods that we use. We’re a bit contrary in our thinking when it comes to marketing and photography. Different from the current trend of finding your ‘niche’ in photography and ‘specializing’ – we photograph everything we want to photograph, and we work on projects that we want to work on.

Photography schools don’t teach marketing very well and they don’t prepare their students to succeed in a competitive real world environment. We know far too many art school students working in retail or at a cubicle from 8-5. We think that if you pay 40k+ in tuition and you still don’t have any idea on how to get work and build your photography business – then you’ve paid a lot of money to learn a hobby.

We understand the value in a photography education – however we ourselves have never received any formal training and in fact Leah has a bachelor’s in Sino-Tibetan Relations, and a Master’s Degree in Social Work. Mark has a bachelor’s degree in Business-Finance. We picked up our entry level Nikon D40’s in August of 2009 and hit the ground running.

We believe that if everyone isn’t doing something for a reason – all we have to do is overcome that objection and we’ll be the only ones making it work. We do not look to compete by simply doing things like everyone else. If you’re interested in finding out more about our internship please click on the links below.


Our Interns are with us for 3 months at a time, shooting and blogging at least once a week – or more. They’ve decided to put themselves out here in a public space for everyone to see their development – and we’re on the line here, showing everyone whether or not we know a thing or two about photography – but more importantly, whether or not we can convey that knowledge to others.

Because this stuff isn’t top secret and we want to share.

We would love to work with you and hope that you consider working with us.

The internship last during May, June, & July | Three months.



Deadline for the application is Friday April 12th at 12pm NOON.

(Tip: Write as much as you can.)

(Pro Tip: Write As Much As You Possibly Can.)

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